Nation of Killers

In recent years, the American dream has been usurped, taking numerous opportunities away from ordinary working-class, middle-class Americans.

In Nation of Killers, author Jack Carney shares what he believes has gone wrong and what might be done to address and correct it. Carney offers readers information they might not otherwise have, seeking to provoke them into reconsidering some conclusions about this country and its future direction. He argues that violence—rooted in white supremacist ideology—has been employed by one percenters and their surrogates to promote the country’s nineteenth-century expansion and its modern imperialist adventures and to subjugate those of its citizens who have been politically and economically marginalized since the nation’s founding.

This collection of historical and political essays considers what has gone wrong with the American Dream in recent decades and what can be done to correct our course. The essays in the book’s second half comprise an organizing primer for those readers engaged in or prompted to take action now.



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